Regenerative agriculture.

Ethos™ brings farmers, brands, and consumers together to measure and scale the impacts of regenerative agriculture.

for brands

  • Verify, label and sell regenerative products
  • Measure and report on carbon emissions
  • Add transparency to material sourcing
  • Monitor materials’ impact ROI

for farmers

  • Generate data you can sell
  • Farming decisions backed by data
  • Differentiate products from others
  • Share knowledge with other growers
  • Identify regenerative goals

for consumers

  • Identify verified regenerative products
  • Learn about product origins, farmers, impacts and outcomes
  • Purchase products aligned with your values

Ethos Regenerative Outcome Verification™

Our data-driven platform collaboratively monitors and reports on the holistic impacts of regenerative agriculture, from soil health to farmer and community wellbeing.

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How we evaluate regenerative agriculture


  • soil health
  • water quality
  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem health


  • physical well-being
  • economic health
  • community organization
  • self-governance


  • emissions
  • carbon stock
  • carbon sequestration
coming soon


  • food and water
  • environment
  • health

Co-creating indicators, verifying complexity

Smallholder agroforestry systems are complex, and that's a good thing. Rather than homogenizing all farms to a generic standard, ethos co-creates indicator monitoring methodologies to reflect the unique nature of each region. These indicators are cross-referenced to provide rich, trustable outcome claims.

The interactive chart shows the interconnected nature of the data from the Thai Rubber Ethos ROV™.

ethos verified regenerative badge

Ethos™ helps brands and farmers become equal collaborators in building sourcing relationships for the future of our planet.

See how Ethos™ and Timberland helped re-establish the Haitian cotton industry – reinvigorated with regenerative agriculture.

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