Regenerative Rubber Systems in Thailand

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Wanakaset farmers in Thailand have been working toward regeneration for years. A partnership with a network of rubber farming communities and VF brands (The North Face, Vans, and Timberland) now provides farmers a premium for their differentiated products. This Ethos Regenerative Outcome Verification™ enables corporations, like VF Corp, to substantiate claims about the impact of their sourcing and supply systems, work toward tracking of Science Based Targets, and adapt to evolving regulatory pressures. The system, co-developed with dozens of smallholder farmers, tracks the regenerative impact on a continuous basis, verifying social and ecological outcomes. On the ground in Thailand, the system provides data to cooperatives and farmers to support the management increasing adoption of regenerative farming.

Secondary Crops

Our farmer partners are cultivating dozens of secondary crops. The crops in these complex agroforestry systems include:

Coffee, cacao, ginger, black pepper, honey, mangosteen, longkong, snakefruit, gnemon, and timber.


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Ethos™ enables brands across industries sourcing natural ingredients and materials to track and communicate their regenerative impact.

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